Rotary Cultivators

Rotary Cultivators: Heavy Duty Design

The cutter includes a double drive by cardan and fixed shaft to reinforce the passage of power with 300 hp box.

The transition from open field preparation to hilling is facilitated by a simple series adaptation…

The half-shells comprising the teeth are removed in a few minutes.

half-shells agronomic rotary cultivators
Ridge cap agronomic rotary cultivators
The ridging cape replaces the stone throwing and smoothing control plate in a few minutes for optimal use of the machine.
Agronomic Rotary Cultivators with 5 hood caps with toggle closure
The 5 latch-closing covers allow quick and easy access for cleaning and interventions.

Features of Rotary Cultivators

CULTIVATOR Maousse4 rows 754 rows 90
Machine TypeHillingOpen field cape flatHillingOpen field cape flat
Machine name4 FB 754 FP 754 FP 904 FB 90
Rotor speed (rpm)454
Road template3,3 m3,8 m
Working width3,12 m3,72 m
Weight1 900 kg2 100 kg
Number of tines8012080144
Standard equipment /Features• Reinforced frame
• Rotor connected to the transmission by chain sprocket
• Reinforced cardan transmission with 300 hp triple safety box
• Nameplates and lighting
• Double drive by cardan and fixed shaft
• Housing with 5 latch-closing covers
• 2 pneumatic manual gauge wheels
• Reinforced teeth
• Lighting and nameplates
• Possibility of switching to a hiller box just by putting the Vs simply and quickly


Rotary Cultivators

  • Rear bar rollers
  • V to go to hilling
  • Stainless steel extension
  • Hook + shells to go from ridging to open fields
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the pressure of the ridging box
  • Tungsten hooks instead of reinforced ones
  • Decompaction tines (2 to 6 tines) manual adjustment
  • Decompaction tines (2 to 6 tines) hydraulic adjustment
  • Hydraulic rear 3-point hitch
  • Hitch ball Ø 80 (for planter)
  • Automatic guidance
  • Centralized lubrication
  • Hydraulic plotter
  • PE coating
Agronomic Rotary Cultivators Transport position
Side view of Agronomic Rotary Cultivators
Agronomic Rotary Cultivators tines

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