Multiplant Belt Planters

Agronomic Multiplant Belt Planters

New hopper design and new console

• The multiplant belt planter features a forward planting system.

• Ultrasonic sensor for feeding potatoes to the belts.

• 20 belts per element with up-down corrector: automatic adjustment of the position of the belt element so that it remains horizontal regardless of the inclination of the ground.

• Hydraulic drive of the belt elements adaptive to the forward speed.

• Progressive mechanical vibrator on each element.

Ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensor

Control camera Multiplant Belt Planters

Control camera

• 5-position calibrator on each aluminum element.

• Planting density sensor when potatoes fall: control of planted density in real time.

• Control camera

• Planting setting and counter hectares for hydraulic drive thanks to the cabin computer.

• Auto tilt of the planter element.

• Share dependent on the forming sheet: constant height of soil above the tuber.

• New share model with mechanical or hydraulic pressure.

• INOX forming sheet with adaptive hydraulic pressure.

• Forming sheet with automatic height (optional).

• Hydraulic steering axle on planter with correction of +/- 30% on trailed planter (standard 3 rows trailed ridge and optional on 4 rows).

Automatic adjustment of the belt - Multiplant Belt Planters

Automatic adjustment of the belt

Trémie hydraulique 4 rangs
Hydraulic plotter
Ridge removers
Monitor cup planter

New console

ISOBUS-certified screen console for Agronomic cup planter


New console

New monitor bringing together the functions and settings of the planter.

Advantage of the new console:

Everything is centralized on a single screen, fertilizer localized and spraying are displayed on your single terminal in the cabin.
The terminal is ISOBUS certified and can therefore be directly connected to tractors.


Specificity 3 rows of log:
• Offset planting shares for ridge fluidity
• Lateral stainless steel log retaining plate

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Features of cup planter

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS2 row rangeReach and drag 4 rows3 rows of log
Machine type2 RPM2 RPM4 RMT x 754 RMP (TH)3 XMBI (TH)
2 x 752 x 904 tandem wheels4 parallel wheels2 wheels
Road gauge2,4 m3,2 m3,4 m2,5 m
Weight (kg)1 500 kg1 500 kg2 500 kg2 100 kg
Distance between rows75 cm90 cm75 cm75 cm45 cm
Wheel type7,5 x 1610,5/80 x 18185 x 157,5 x 1610,5/80 x 18
Number of Wheels2442
Hopper Capacity800 kg1,5 T1,5 T (portée)
2,2 T (traînée)
1,2 T (portée)
2 T (traînée)
Hopper typeFixedFixed in reach and hydraulic in dragHydraulic
Share typeSuspended sharesShares attached to the forming sheet
Type of Counting and trainingElectric counting with mechanical driveElectronic intelligent counting with DPA drive
Distance between plants15 to 65 cm15 to 65 cm15 to 65 cm
Standard equipment
• Discs Ø 510 + Scrapers
• Power detector (ultrasonic)
• Progressively controlled vibrators
• 32-speed gearbox
• As standard, the hopper is hydraulic in the trailed version and fixed in the mounted version
• Hydraulic tilting of the fixed hopper
• Nameplates & lighting
• Frontal gateway

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