Agronomic Aerobutte

Air and reshape the ridge to optimize harvest potential.

The Aerobutte is a new Agronomic product.

After the emergence of the potatoes, if a crust forms on the mounds following heavy rain or storms, the potatoes are suffocated and the crop no longer develops, leading to significant yield losses. up to 30% of the harvest potential.

The mound is made up of kitching shares to put the earth that has fallen to the bottom on the mound, a peeler to aerate the mound and discs to reform the mound behind.

agronomic Aerobutte

The air mound is the perfect tool for aerating the mound and allowing the proper development of the tuber, especially in heavy conditions where the tuber does not breathe enough.

The forming sheet is available as an option.

aerobutte element
aerobutte element

Features of aerobutte

Aerobutte 4 X 90
Road gauge (m)4 m
Weight (kg)1 500 kg
Features /
Standard equipment
• Kitching shares or teeth + heart
• Fret wheel
• Pimple reel
• Crenellated ridging discs Ø 610



  • Autoguidance
  • 1 bare peeler reel
  • 4 peeling coils 850 x 4 above the mounds
  • 5 kitching shares 5 x 550
  • Forming sheet 4 x 75 with removable stainless steel top plate
  • Loss of value on discs
  • Trace adaptation on the planter

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