Cup Planter

Agronomic Cup Planter

New hopper design and new console

Bucket clutch cup planter

Bucket clutch


• Bottom drive with large diameter drum.

• Adjustable band tension.

• 36 cups per belt with possibility of cup reducer and different cup models available.

Electrically driven moving floor cup planter

Electrically driven moving floor

Mechanically driven moving floor cup planter

Mechanically driven moving floor

• Disengagement of the belts by a simple lever (for wintering or disengagement of an element).

• Roller belt vibrator with micrometric pressure adjustment and electric or mechanical drive.

• Regular flow secured by a moving floor with a perforated grid, oscillatory movement driven electrically or mechanically.

Bucket share cup planter

Bucket share

• Modular descent chutes with flexible central part ( (to avoid jamming).

• Adjustment of the descent channel for the small caliber plant.

• Element emptying hatch for access.

• New share model with mechanical or hydraulic pressure.

2 row cup planter + DPAE + Fertilizer

2 row cup planter + DPAE + Fertilizer

Trailed 4-row cup planter

Trailed 4-row cup planter

3-row cup bed planter

3-row cup bed planter

Forming hood with automatic height adjustment (optional).
Adjustment of the ridger cap
Agronomic Rotary Cultivators Transport position
Centimetric adjustments via lateral gearbox (36 speeds).

Volume of potatoes in the element controlled by a flap adjustable from the outside by a lever.

Monitor cup planter

New console

ISOBUS-certified screen console for Agronomic cup planter


New console

New monitor bringing together the functions and settings of the planter.

Advantage of the new console:

Everything is centralized on a single screen, fertilizer localized and spraying are displayed on your single terminal in the cabin.
The terminal is ISOBUS certified and can therefore be directly connected to tractors.


Many options are available like localized spraying, localized fertilizer, the mound eraser, the anti-ravine wheels… and many others.

Contact us for more information.

Features of cup planter


Cup planter 2 rows+ row ridges

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS2 row planters + 3 row ridges (carried)
Type of Machines2 RBS2 RBI3 RBI
Frame typeSimple
Hopper typeFixed or hydraulic optionalFixe
Road template2,4 m
Weight800 kg900 kg
Wheels 10,075 x 15,32
Hopper Capacity1 T1,5 T
Distance between rows75 to 90 cm75 to 90 cm37,5 to 45 cm
Type of shares fixed or parallelogram + wheelFixed or parallelogram optionalParallelogram
Distance between plants15 à 50 cm
Type of vibratorsMechanicalElectric
Type of moving floorMechanicalElectric
Hydraulic plotterOptional
Front gauge wheels 500 x 10 (adjustable)OptionalSeriesSeries
Features /
Standard equipment
• Ø 510 discs + smooth or serrated scrapers
• Nameplates & lighting.
• 36-speed gearbox
• Element background with grid

Mounted and trailed cup planters for 4 rows

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS4 row mounted planters
Fixed or hydraulic hopper
4 row trailed planters
Hydraulic hopper
Type of Machines4 RBA (-H)754 RBA(-H) 904 RBSS(-H) 754 RBSS(-H) 904 RBSS-TH 754 RBSS-TH 90
Frame typeSimpleReinforcedReinforced
Hopper typeFixed or HydraulicHydraulic
Road template3,4 m4 m3,4 m4 m3,4 m4 m
Weight1 000 kg1 400 kg1 600 kg
Wheels 10,075 x 15,3244
Hopper Capacity1,5 T1,7 T1,5 T1,7 T--
Distance between rows1,7 T2 T2 T 2,3 T2 T2,3 T
Type of shares fixed or parallelogram + wheel75 cm90 cm75 cm90 cm75 cm90 cm
Distance between plantsFixed or parallelogram optionalParallelogramParallelogram
Type of vibrators15 à 50 cm15 à 50 cm
Type of moving floorMechanicalElectricElectric
Hydraulic plotterMechanicalElectricElectric
Front gauge wheels 500 x 10 (adjustable)Standard in hydraulic hopperSeriesSeries
Features /
Standard equipment
• Disques Ø 510 + grattoirs lisses ou crénelés
• Plaques signalétiques & éclairage.
• Boîte de vitesses 36 rapports
• Fond d’élément avec grille
• Ø 510 discs + smooth or serrated scrapers
• Nameplates & lighting.
• 36-speed gearbox
• Element background with grid

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