Disc Ridgers

Agronomic Disc Ridgers

Auto-guidance by ridges or by tracks.

Hilling up allows the earth to warm up, which is a very important point for the germination of the tuber.
The hiller is made up of disc teeth adjustable by spring pressure.

When the leaves of your plants emerge from the ground at a height of 20 cm, hilling also allows the earth to be raised around the plants, encouraging the formation of potato tubers.
It allows better production and increases the quality of potatoes by preventing them from turning green and promoting the infiltration of rain and watering water into the mound.
Several possible options such as auto-guidance or even sheet forming, anti-gullies wheels, etc.

Agronomic Disc Ridgers
Tines Agronomic Disc Ridgers
Spring pressure
Disc Ridgers Spring pressure

Features of Disc Ridgers

Machine Type2 rangs 75/904 rangs 754 rangs 906 rangs 90
Width between rows75/90759090
Road template (m)2,5 m3,5 m5,6 m
Weight (kg)400 kg1 200 kg
1 500 kg
Working width (m)1,8 m3 m3,6 m5,4 m
Number of teeth between rows5 or 7577
Features /
Standard equipment
• Discs Ø 610
• Articulated mound harrows
• Adjustable hoop wheel
• Vibrating teeth adjustable by spring pressure
• Adjustable discs (height, inclination, spacing)


Disc Ridgers

  • Manual steering
  • Hydrostatic steering
  • Built to move forward
  • Seat and trace support frame (without trace)
  • Self-guiding by mounds
  • Trace autoguidance (with trace)
  • Additional plotter disc
  • Stainless steel extensions
  • Anti-gully wheel (if forming sheet metal)
  • Integrated transport trolley + lighting
  • Forming sheet (adjustable) (STEEL) in addition to the discs (with support + chassis reinforcement)
  • Trace adaptation on the planter
  • Lighting and signage

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